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Rats and mice are serious pests of humans and the management options are many. The rodents of concern in the urban pest control are: Norway rat, roof rat and house mouse.

Rats and mice as pests

Eating and contamination of stored foods, gnawing (physical damaging) and disease transmission

Detection of rats and mice

Droppings, run ways and rub marks, burrows, gnawings, nests, runs, tracks, urine stains, disappearance of food, sounds, odour, visual sighting and excitement of pets.

Rodent control method

sanitation, rodent-proofing, trapping and chemical control (baiting, tracking powders, gels and fumigants)

Biology and habits

Rats and mice live and nest within buildings provided they have access to food, water and shelter. They live in groups and may construct nests in wall voids, roof voids, under floors and even within stored foods. Rats are very much creatures of habit using same routes, neophobic, very keen senses (smell, taste, hearing, touch) with the exception of sight.

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