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German Cockroach

Cockroaches’ origins extend back at least 300 million years. While there are 3500 species worldwide, about 10 species have seriously exploited tVhe dwellings of humans

Life cycle

Adult lifespan is about 4-6 months. Duration of nymphal development is about 6-12 weeks. Eggs developed in the female are encapsulated in a purse shaped egg case (ootheca), that may contain 12-40 eggs. Each female may produce about 5-8 egg cases.

Why cockroaches are considered pests

contamination, annoyance or fear reaction, ordor, allergic reactions, bites and disease transmission

Cockroach management

Comprehensive inspection/survey, sanitation and hygiene to reduce the food, water and shelter, suitable application of insecticides that make likely contact with the target insects, follow-up inspections and monitoring


Infestation conditions for cockroaches are food, shelter, temperature and humidity. A commercial kitchen may support cockroaches at varying stages of development with the conditions mentioned above. Also new arrivals from place to place as live individuals or as egg cases in foods and food packaging.

Habits and behaviour are summarised as

1) Omnivorous feeding habit
2) Nocturnal behaviour
3) Thigmotatic behaviour
4) Gregarious behaviour
5) Grooming behaviour

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